Zuzu Sahillioglu

Posted by on Aug 19, 2012 in Artists

I was born in 1957 in Istanbul, a place where two continents and cultures have become entwined over thousands of years. Coming from a family rich with artistic talent, I grew up around truly inspirational people, particularly my mother.

Having completed my studies at a specialist Art and Design High School, I changed direction and went on to study Public Administrations at a University in Ankara. During my years as a student there, I continued to involve myself with the arts by assisting a local artist who specialised in oil paintings. In my remaining spare time, to relax, I carved wood sculptures with my close friends.

Having completed my degree I went on to work in a bank, got married and had a baby daughter, soon to move to Bahrain. Here I became involved with art again (mainly oil paintings). When we moved to London I took up the fascinating art of stained glass, at Richmond Adult Community College. I tend to use antique glass in my figurative stained glass panels due to its depth in colour and richness of texture.

In 2001, I dared to touch clay again and found myself utterly taken all over again by the feel of earth between my fingers. I get great satisfaction from three dimensional work and am currently a member of Surrey Sculpture Society.

Zuzu lives in Thames Ditton, Surrey

Tel: 0208 398 6077

e-mail: Zuzu Sahillioglu