Malcolm West

Professional artist since 1979. Producing sculptures in bronze, stone, terra-cotta and bronze resin. Paintings in oil on canvas. Drawing in pastel pencil chalk and ink.

My work is inspired by mythology, dance and movement. I endeavour to produce work of the highest quality – full of grace, elegence and beauty.

I am very much a do it by hand sort of artist. I don't believe in the use of machines where human skills can do the job. Inspired hughly by the Ancient Greeks, who achieved works of such quality with the most basic of tools, that now a days would be unthinkable without the use of the most advanced machinery. I think we are all too quick to give up on our talents and pass them over to a computer.

I am based in Hersham. Showing my work in London, Surrey and the south of England

Malcolm West




Hersham, Surrey

07977 508138


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Malcolm West

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