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Susie Hartley

Exploring shape, form and texture I create sculptures that represent and interpret the human form. My expressive fragmented figures celebrate the strength and beauty of the female form. Through twisting, arching and stretching my forms express tension and energy capturing movement in clay.

I have a classical style in my work and draw inspiration from ancient fragmented sculptures, using the torso as my main focal point. My work consists of simplified form and flowing lines and my partial figures are made working both from life and intuitively. Historic figurative sculptures and paintings from a variety of cultures including non-European art have also been a major source of inspiration.

I want to create sculptures that depict energy and movement within the human form, sculptures that have a tactile quality that draw you in so that you can experience new qualities and appealing forms from all angles. The truncation of the torso in my work highlights the formal elements of the human form allowing for abstract qualities.
My recent ceramic work also explores colour though a variety of surface finishes including a range of oxides and glazes.

Susie Hartley
Susie Hartley




01273 476832

Lewes, East Sussex

07719 917480


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Susie Hartley
Susie Hartley
Susie Hartley
Susie Hartley
Susie Hartley


Susie Hartley

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