Gill Lawson

I have always loved stone – my father was a stone mason but I didn’t start working with stone until about 10 years ago. I started carving at my local university in Chichester and Portland. I have recently been working under the tutelage of a local stone mason.

I carve in English and Continental limestones – the same stone that our beautiful cathedrals are built from. The pieces can be displayed outside but also as indoor focal pieces.

I create simplified animal and human heads with strong clean lines and try to get to the emotions or essence of the head being represented. The Warrior Horse series were inspired not only by the horses that I have known but by the warrior horses who have served mankind in their futile wars.

Commissions, such as Libran Women, have been inspired by the spirituality of the person and I have incorporated symbols from their star signs to make the piece individual to them.

There are many sculptors who are inspirational, including Brancusi and Marino Marini. Inspiration is also found in the beautiful country side of West Sussex where I am lucky enough to live.

Gill Lawson




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Gill Lawson

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