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Angie Doy

Born into one of the most diverse and historically rich cities in the world, I am proud to call myself a Londoner. However, I am not an historian, nor an anthropologist, what I am is an insatiable thief. I pinch bits from histories ancient and modern, I steal from all cultures and I weave them together with my imagination to create pieces which are deliberately ambiguous in date and origin, whilst retaining a sense of the familiar.

I also borrow from life, but ultimately my pieces are fantasies inspired by words or animals which hopefully, share a quirkiness and humour designed to raise a smile.

My pieces are, for me the beginnings of a story, one in which I create their reasons for being, but which may have begun a thousand years or a moment before. As I form them with my hands, my imagination builds their story, but it is not one to share with others, as they will naturally make their own, I merely provide the character.

Mainly a figurative artist, I work primarily in clay and other malleable materials as it gives me greater control. I then cast my own work as limited editions in resin, or have them cast a a foundry bronze.

Angie Doy
Angie Doy






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Angie Doy
Angie Doy
Angie Doy
Angie Doy
Angie Doy


Angie Doy

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