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Kate Viner

Sculptor Kate Viner b1969 has been commissioned to create a number of large Public artworks. Anthony Caro’s heavy metal constructionism was the backdrop of Viner’s 80’s art school experience at Winchester, as a result she spent years honing her skills welding and forging steel.

However her formal art education started much earlier, aged 15 she began training under Patricia Austin to sculpt the figure directly from life in clay. Consequently, she is comfortable in a diverse range of materials and techniques and works both abstractly and figuratively.

Underlying themes that motivate Viner’s work are the delicate balances between conflict, religion, sexuality, respect and sacrifice. Her practice explores human evolution. She is interested in shifting attitudes towards female sexuality and the paradox of femininity. Her nudes are intimate, yet not voyeuristic or sexualised. Her work often returns to the themes of religion, women, war and their relationship. The material and technique she chooses is dictated by the subject matter the art work demands.

Working collaboratively with teams and Outreach projects within communities is an important part of the process that she relishes, as her interest in the human narrative has always been her driving force.

Kate Viner
Kate Viner




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Kate Viner
Kate Viner
Kate Viner
Kate Viner
Kate Viner


Kate Viner

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