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Masters and Munn

André Masters & CJ Munn met through a shared love for lifecasting and sculpture on the internet in 2003. What began as a creative passion grew into a loving partnership that would flourish both in and out of the studio.

With their pooled talents, from André’s past as a modelmaker for the film industry and CJ’s experience as a commercial artist, they work in every conceivable material – from copper to leather, glass to gold - and won the first International Rising Star Award at the 3d Print Show for their innovative piece, ‘Icarus had a sister’ which blends traditional sculpting techniques with state of the art technological advancements. Their most popular collection, inspired by the wallpaper designs of William Morris and the Arts and Crafts Movement has featured on Sky Arts’ ‘Objects of Desire’ and BBC2’s ‘Show Me The Monet’.

Masters & Munn are campaigners for the appreciation of aestheticism and craftsmanship in the arts, rejecting the lauding of that which aims to shock or confuse with gimmickry. They believe in the need to keep learning, responding to ever-developing material technologies available to contemporary sculptors whilst continuing to pay homage to the more ancient art forms.

Masters and Munn
Masters and Munn




01622 609386

Maidstone, Kent


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Masters and Munn
Masters and Munn
Masters and Munn
Masters and Munn
Masters and Munn


Masters and Munn

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