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Kate Woodlock

Kate Woodlock continues to add to her collection of equestrian sculptures with full figure horse sculptures and detailed head studies. All these pieces are produced as limited editions and are designed to explore the vivacity, power and movement of horses. In her work she seeks to express movement and expression - life and vigour.

The creation of each horse sculpture comes from the detailed study of the subject and the passion to explore the subject’s possibilities.

• Each sculpture is born from the desire to communicate the reality of the horse’s physique.
• Each sculpture evolves from the study and exploration of the horse’s anatomy.
• Each sculpture is built on the need to express the horse's power & beauty.

Study is the basis of each sculpture, discovering the elements that will combine to create an expression of the living being. Each idea is noted in sketches and maquettes until the final realisation is begun and a new sculpture begins to spring to life. Detailed knowledge of the bone structure and musculature of the horse is used to build the form. Knowledge of the horse’s anatomy, allows the form to be shaped and the spirit of the animal to be shown in the finished sculpture.

Pieces are produced in Foundry Bronze or in Jesmonite with various finishes.

Kate Woodlock
Kate Woodlock




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Kate Woodlock
Kate Woodlock
Kate Woodlock
Kate Woodlock
Kate Woodlock


Kate Woodlock

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