Caroline Wheaton

Caroline’s work explores the essence of being human. She is fascinated with anatomy and physiology and these are explored constantly in her sculpture.

Journeying for work and pleasure over the years, she has enjoyed watching people going about their every day lives; considering how being in a different environment drives how we engage with each other - how people work and play; how it informs the cultural aspects of our life and how we conform to societal norms. Caroline notes that whilst the difference across our cultures is fascinating, it is often the similarity of the human reaction in a given situation, which is most striking.

Her sculpture is a broad mix of carved stone and cast materials, often incorporating locally-found objects both natural and man-made. In art as in life, she brings the human form into contact with the local habitat, which shapes and informs its actions.

Caroline is self taught and splits her time between London and Chamonix.

Caroline Wheaton






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Caroline Wheaton


Caroline Wheaton

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