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Louisa Sullivan

My exploration into glass started seven years ago, following an education in fine art and many community art projects in Manchester and London. It started with a short course at St Martin’s College – little did I know then that it would ignite my passion and take over my working life!

There is a certain wistfulness to my work, slightly nostalgic too. The past can become an ideal image in our minds, moulded with the passage of time. Stories are unlocked, triggered by an image.

My recent cast glass uses vintage relics to tell a story. Each relic or sculpture is cast to make a plaster mould and then the glass is cast within. After a week in the kiln the mould is broken away to reveal the glass sculpture. Finally the glass is cold worked into the unique finished piece.

Many techniques have been explored within my garden studio in Guildford. From fused glass, metal inclusions to screen-printed enamels.

I have been a part of The Art Shed for 5 years, an artist cooperative in Cobham, Surrey.

Louisa Sullivan
Louisa Sullivan




Guildford, Surrey

07747 446008


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Louisa Sullivan
Louisa Sullivan
Louisa Sullivan
Louisa Sullivan
Louisa Sullivan


Louisa Sullivan

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