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David Harris

My name is David R. Harris; I am a Sound Engineer and Sculptor, based in Barnet, North London, where I have my studio. Sculpture started for me in 1980, when I signed up for an evening class in Hampstead Garden Suburb. As soon as I got my hands on the tools and started to carve I knew that this would be a continuing passion.

My sculptures cover a range of themes mostly centered around human, and animal forms, and a style has gradually evolved that I think ties my art together, leading from one work into the next. I am interested in creating spiraling forms that lead the eye all around a sculpture, and the problems of abstraction. The challenge of designing something that works through 360° is often a real puzzle, and there is great satisfaction to be had when that puzzle is eventually solved.

The shapes, colours and imperfections of naturally occurring materials, Stone, wood and clay are endlessly adaptable and I find great joy attempting to create a form, and then being directed by the material in a way I could never have imagined. Nature is a constant inspiration!

David Harris
David Harris




Barnet, North London

07935 050356


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David Harris
David Harris
David Harris
David Harris
David Harris


David Harris

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