Kimberley Gundle

Kimberley Gundle completed her postgraduate at The Slade School of Fine Art in London in 1990. Gundle has always been captivated by people’s identities; her work is a social encounter.

Kimberley is known for her rich variety of work in bronze, ceramic, painting, printing, design. Gundle’s work has been inspired by the Maasai Tribes of East Africa, after a trek across the Great Rift Valley in 2009. She was initially struck by the flowing brightness of the Maasai cloth and beadwork, in stark contrast with the harsh aridity of the landscape.

Gundle has returned several times to the area and stayed in remote tribal villages, making sketches and being present in the vibrancy of Maasai Culture. Gundle is captivated by colour and life, and it this she seeks to capture in her work. The subject of Gundle’s most recent work turns back to her adopted home town, London. Gundle has been making daily drawings on the underground. She likens these to the fleeting moments of contact we have in the world we inhabit, where people flick through faces on Instagram or Twitter, and identities become dissolved. Her new series of portrait sculptures offers a reflection on diversity and transience in today’s society.

Kimberley Gundle




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Kimberley Gundle

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