Nigel Williams

Nigel Williams works mostly in sheet metal (copper, brass, steel, aluminium, etc), often re-cycled, and frequently with ‘found’ objects. His influences and inspiration come from a wide range of sources, including industrial archaeology, modern abstract sculpture, and ethnic mask-making.

His current themes include the creation of beautiful botanical forms from spent armaments, and the “fantastic embellishment” of antique domestic & industrial artefacts. Whilst works in the former can invoke disturbing confrontations with the nature of human conflict, works in the latter often incorporate a good deal of humour and nostalgia.

"I have always been interested in industrial archaeology and heritage transport. This has led over the years to a mounting realisation and awareness of the massive loss of skills and manufacturing ability which developed in a country that used to be the centre of the industrial world. This initial dismay eventually turned into despair, which spurred me on to respond by creating objects that would bring viewers attention to this loss, through nostalgia, fantasy, humour and fascination - hopefully invoking a universal desire to re-discover, re-learn and re-apply the skills required to design & manufacture the type and quality of goods which I use as the basis of my creations.”

Nigel Williams




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Nigel Williams

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