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Privacy Policy

Surrey Sculpture Society is a non-profit member organisation.  We keep records of our members, as supplied by them, on a secure server for the purpose of communicating with them.  Members’ data is never sold or given to third parties.  Upon termination of their membership, the data held on that member will be deleted.

Our buyers’ information will only be retained for a maximum period of twelve months in order to fully process and complete the transaction. We use Cognito forms and Stripe Card Services to securely collect and manage our buyers’ personal information on our sales forms in compliance with GDPR. Links to their Privacy Policies are given below. 

We also keep records of past buyers and ‘Friends of the Society’ who have given their permission for us to retain such data.  This includes but is not limited to email address, telephone number and postal address.  This data is kept on a secure server and is used solely for the purpose of communicating news of the Society’s events and activities. This data is never sold or given to third parties.  Buyers and Friends may, upon request, receive a copy of their data held by the Society.  Such a request will not incur a charge and will be responded to within one month.  


Buyers and Friends may request the Society to delete their data at any time.


(Updated 11/5/2020)

Cookie Policy

For our website to work efficiently for you, it will sometimes need to store snippets of information locally on your device, and these are stored in files called Cookies. Just about every website now utilises cookies, and our website would not function without them.


Cookies also provide us with analytics - anonymous statistical data about how our website is used and details such as pages visited, time spent on  the page and the IP address of the device visiting.  The data is used to allow us to improve our website, not to provide targeting or marketing data.

Since 2011 it has been law to make it clear to website visitors that cookies are in use and you will be asked to accept that they are when visiting our website by means of a pop-up box on the home page.

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