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Seamus Cuddihy

Qualified as an Art Teacher in Ireland in late 70s. Moved to UK and I set up and ran, for 20 years, an Arts Centre for adults with physical disabilities in Leatherhead, Surrey.

Subject matter is mainly figurative (human and animal) and style is realistic to semi-abstract. I work with clay, wax, plaster, resin, wood and metal. I enjoy exploring the unique sculptural possibilities and challenge of working with resistive materials. The challenge of unearthing the “treasure within” a piece of wood is exciting and thoroughly rewarding when it works out. I use traditional hand carving tools but also love the expediency offered by power tools such as chainsaws and power files.

No matter how the end product is arrived at, I usually strive to let the natural characteristics of the wood influence the final outcome. Working from my studio in Surrey, I make moulds from some of my original pieces and produce limited editions using the cold cast method in bronze, copper, aluminium and iron.

Foundry bronze versions of my work are available on request. Studio visits are welcomed by appointment.

Seamus Cuddihy
Seamus Cuddihy




Chessington, Surrey

07762 849700


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Seamus Cuddihy
Seamus Cuddihy
Seamus Cuddihy
Seamus Cuddihy
Seamus Cuddihy


Seamus Cuddihy

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