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Sally de Courcy

My work aims at challenging our perception of ourselves, our fragility and strength. My sculptures evolve by manipulating multiple cast shapes or objects, the whole becoming greater than the sum of its parts.

Like evolution in nature repetition can create difference and replication. My work uses repetition to emphasise a narrative or to create visual impact, the outcome has a decorative geometry and kinetic unity that expresses are shared human condition and experiences.

Early in my medical career I was exposed to the suffering of refugees after a genocidal regime. During my MFA I revisited these earlier experiences which underpin much of my practice. I like my work to be a platform for discussion and through its narrative to broach sometimes uncomfortable subjects. Bones are emblematic in my work, and the contextually linked objects reveal a hidden meaning.

Although frequently ornate my sculptures hide darker and often sinister subjects that when revealed create dissonance. My work is not autobiographical in the figurative sense, but like many artists explores the liminal space between conscious representation and unconscious influence. Recently my work has looked at the humanitarian aspects of the COVID19 pandemic and the current crisis of refugees crossing the English Channel.

Sally de Courcy
Sally de Courcy




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Sally de Courcy
Sally de Courcy
Sally de Courcy
Sally de Courcy
Sally de Courcy


Sally de Courcy

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