These are just some of the artists who are members of the Surrey Sculpture Society:

If you are a professional sculptor looking for outlets for your work or a budding amateur looking to develop your skills, then why not join the Society?


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Carole Andrews
Viv Astling
Victoria Atkinson
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Jane Bohane
Angela Bishop
Ingrid Boucher
Carol Bryant
Pippa Burley
Maggie Butler
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Christine Charlesworth
Toby Colliver
Dawn Conn
Simon Conolly
Dreene Cotton
Seamus Cuddihy
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Roger Day
Juliette Derwent
Angie Doy
Jane Dudley
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Roz Fletcher
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Carl Gamester
Michael Glasspool
Kimberley Gundle
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Adam Warwick Hall
David Harris
Susie Hartley
Jonathan Hateley
Graham Heeley
Lily Henry
Victoria Hunt
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Russell Jakubowski
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Lydia Karpinska
Stavros Kotsireas
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Gill Lawson
Rosamond Lloyd
Roland Locke
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Guy Maberly
Damian Macpherson
Hilary Manuhwa
Abby Martin
Teresa Martin
Lynette Merrick
Ian Milner
Claire Morris
Jeremy Moulsdale
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Katie Netley
Rachael Nicholson
Sue Nicholson
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Carol Orwin
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David Paynter
Bernard Miles Pearson
Anna Pohorely
Moira Purver
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Felicity Raybould
Hazel Reeves
Sue Ribbans
Paul Riley
Nina Roe
Diana Roles
Gavin Roweth
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Lou Sainty
Margaret Samuel
Gary Scott
Gill Siemak
Juliet Simpson
Ado Sljivic
Terri Smart
Doda Sobieniewska
Janet Stanley
Louisa Sullivan
Joe Szabo
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James Tait
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Bill Urmenyi
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Henriette van der Does
Kate Viner
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Alan Wallis
Lynn Warren
Alan Wasdell
Philippa Weaver
Teresa Wells
Malcolm West
Caroline Wheaton
Nigel Williams
Kate Woodlock
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