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Andy Bendix

I like to model animals, life size if possible, but occasionally a human being turns up.

My figures, either human or animal are very rarely from a single model. The idea comes first. I then visit farms, galleries, take photos, source images on the internet and in books. I cherry pick - her face, his posture, that attitude. The piece evolves day by day. I don’t always seek anatomical accuracy; I work with the mantra, if it tells the tale I want it to tell, it IS right, it is finished.

Starting with clay, I then decide: is this piece destined for my kiln, to be treated with glazes and oxides and then fired to stoneware? Or is it going to be cast in bronze (or some other metal resin)? Sometimes I start by producing a ceramic piece and subsequently mould and cast it in bronze resin. The two sit side by side, the fired earth and the metal. I love both.

I show my work in various UK exhibitions and my sculptures are held in private collections both in the UK and Europe.

Andy Bendix
Andy Bendix




West Sussex


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Andy Bendix
Andy Bendix
Andy Bendix
Andy Bendix
Andy Bendix


Andy Bendix

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