Russell Jakubowski

It is fascinating to think that all that we are and all that we know stems from our dealing with the three dimensional world around us. And that sculpture has the ability to elicit new shapes in our minds by presenting new shapes to our senses.

I am based in Alton and work with a range of materials.

Techniques and the processes of making interest me greatly.

Recently I have been working in the negative. Making the space that the sculpture will not occupy and casting into that space. A certain thing from unknowable intent.

I use pigments to unify some pieces by visually separating some elements. Sometimes adding pigment to the casting material and at others applying it once the work is cast.

I have worked with schools, community groups and a wide range of individuals to make work for public spaces, and firmly believe in collaborations.

I draw inspiration from everywhere and use sculpture as a moment of synthesis, somewhere to combine what I don’t know and have I have learned.

Russell Jakubowski




01420 80634

Alton, Hampshire


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Russell Jakubowski

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