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Asta Kalpokaite Golias

I was born in Lithuania in 1976. My first art teacher pushed me to apply for art school as I enjoyed to draw for other people. I studied in art school in Lithuania from 1988, then in Vilnius Art academy ceramic until 2000. (BA in ceramic).

After Lithuanian independence (leaving Soviet Union) it was a hard time for many people and I emigrated to Sweden , then to Norway. I studied there ceramic in Oslo National Academy of the Arts and Design, 2003- 2005 (MA in arts) and then I've left for England to apply to Royal College of Art but was not admitted. So I stayed in England.

I had a few exhibitions, worked many jobs to support myself, got married. Now I have a wonderful husband, two wonderful kids (a girl 9 years old and Arthur 7 years old) and my ceramic studio where I work. I am a part of Epsom Big draw festival , also MGSO4 – Epsom and Ewell Art Festival from 2016. 2019 I've joined Surrey Sculpture Society and where I had an exhibition with fellow artists

Asta Kalpokaite Golias
Asta Kalpokaite Golias




West Ewell

07768 096961


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Asta Kalpokaite Golias
Asta Kalpokaite Golias
Asta Kalpokaite Golias
Asta Kalpokaite Golias
Asta Kalpokaite Golias


Asta Kalpokaite Golias

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