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Min Reid

Min is an accomplished artist, renowned for her work as a film director, sculptor, and photographer. She possesses an unwavering passion for capturing the raw emotion, fluidity, and narrative of people, animals, and wildlife in her films, photography, and sculptures.

Based in her Cotswolds studio in England, Min creates art that resonates with collectors around the world. Her talent has earned her numerous awards and accolades. Her unique perspective and artistic vision are evident in every piece she creates. Min’s sculptures add a centre point for interiors and well as a stunning addition to gardens.

“I am passionate about creating art that tells a compelling story.

As a sculptor my preferred medium is clay. I love how it feels and how quickly the form takes on a life and personality of its own. I am particularly drawn towards sculpting creatures and figurative females who tell their unique story, that creates intrigue, draws the viewer in, willing them to touch, which I actively encourage.

I believe art should be captivating and always evoke an emotional response!

I sculpt in many mediums and finishes, although I particularly love casting my sculptures in Foundry Bronze. Choosing different patina finishes on each individual sculpture, of my limited editions, is exciting and brings the entire process together beautifully.” Min

Min Reid
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Min Reid
Min Reid
Min Reid
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Min Reid

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