Henriette van der Does

Posted by on Jan 11, 2016 in Artists, Bronze, Figurative, Resin


Sculptress in search of the essence of human nature through lines and movement. She creates the originals in clay and then casts in bronze and resin bronze.

Henriette also paints and teaches art. Her main subject is human/human nature; humans offer an endless source of inspiration on emotional, physical and spiritual levels. This fascination has cumulated in a Masters in art psychotherapy in 2013.

Henriette has now set up her private practice as an artist, art teacher and art psychotherapist.

Henriette lives in Guildford

Phone: 01483 351891

e-mail: Henriette van der Does

Website: www.hvanderdoes.co.uk
or www.hvanderdoes-arttherapist.co.uk