Christine Suzman

Posted by on Oct 12, 2012 in Artists

Ceramic and Bronze Sculpture

Christine Suzman works as a sculptor in ceramic and bronze on a variety of subjects, specialising in horses and wildlife.

In her ceramic sculptures she concentrates on formal qualities of line, shape and movement; the figures are individually modeled without moulds or armatures; she uses combinations of glazes to achieve a variety of colours and textures, making each piece absolutely unique. Her horses are inspired by the Chinese Tang dynasty tomb figures, whose lively and decorative qualities they share. The same spirit informs her interpretations of other animals – birds, greyhounds, cats and cattle. An innovation has been to mount figures on acrylic supports, resulting in a lively feeling of movement and energy.

Christine was born in Sweden and lived for many years in South Africa before moving to the UK. She now lives in Haslemere, Surrey, and spends time in Hermanus, South Africa, where she has returned to working in bronze, developing a series of cheetahs; other bronzes include greyhounds, horses and polo ponies.

She has exhibited widely in both countries and has works in collections in the US and Europe.

Recent developments include a series of ceramic cattle based on the attractive multi-coloured Nguni cattle of Southern Africa.

Christine lives in Surrey

Tel: 01428 643332