Bethan Griffiths

Posted by on Oct 11, 2012 in Artists

As a blacksmith my work for me is journey of exploration not only in the concept of what I want to achieve but also with the material and process I use. What I love about blacksmithing is that it permits freedom of shape and form, forging hot metal allows me to bring the metal to life. Whilst individual pieces range greatly in scale and concept the running theme of my work is always my desire to achieve clean, strong and uncluttered forms. Although I work mainly on large scale commissions like balustrades & gates, combining everyday function with art, the smaller pieces I make for exhibitions are more intimate sculptures.

‘Circle of Friendship’ Wall sculpture
Dimensions: 600 mm Diameter
Description: My design is an exploration of friendship representing our various ‘circles of friends’ held together by shaking, holding and supportive hands. The way the rings interlink, change size and use the space to create depth shows the different aspects of true friendship, as opposed to the shallow & superficial.

‘Sphere 2’ Floor or plinth mounted sculpture
Dimensions: approx 500 diameter
Description: Explorations of texture. One of a series of three exploring the different textural effects that can be created by the same tool but on different surfaces of rectangular bar. The texture has then been contrasted against the pure and simple shape of the sphere.

‘Waterfall’ Wall Sculpture
Dimensions; Width 350 x Height 790 x Depth 40
Description; When forging hot steel you are introduced to the fluidness of the material under the hammer, the skill however is in remaining in control, not letting it run away on its own meandering course! ‘Waterfall’ however embraces and plays with this fluidness and its unpredictable nature. Like cascading water the forged steel takes on a life of its own as it tumbles, twists and flows down the wall.

‘Wilberforce’ Gates
Description; Designed especially for this property combining genuine wrought iron and stainless steel. The gate is hand forged and riveted together using traditional blacksmithing techniques to achieve a high quality design & finish.

Bethan lives in Guildford, Surrey

Tel: 01483 202 027 / 07941 127 024

e-mail: Bethan Griffiths