Ben Nicolas

Posted by on Mar 24, 2015 in Abstract, Artists, Ceramic, Metal


Ben graduated from Surrey University, at Roehampton, with a BA (Hons), Art in 2003. Since then he has been working in South West London to create his sculptures. He is presently based at ASC studios in Kingston.

Ben is inspired by the impact of energy on the Natural World. This is visualised in his ceramics and metal sculptures. The earthy tones found in Ben’s pieces mirror the depth and array of colours found in the environment.

The work reflects his continued fascination with the Natural World and the impact of the elements on it. The collection includes stoneware sculptures suitable for outdoors.
These ceramic sculptures, reflect the gnarled and twisted roots of trees struggling to grow in harsh conditions. These are hand-built and then glazed using metal oxides that react with one another, producing unique and organic tones. You need to see the ceramics pieces to fully appreciate them. Since the different tones and colours of the glazed surface reflect light, give each piece a life and vitality of its own, which is lost in the pictorial image.

Ben’s journey is continuing with recent sculptures using steel to create 3-D images to capture the essence of Nature’s energy and forces.

Ben lives South West London

Phone: 07931975500

e-mail: Ben Nicolas