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Student Prize Winners

Supporting The Next Generation of Sculptors

We are delighted to announce the winners of the Surrey Sculpture Society Sculpture Awards for 2023; these awards being given out to talented sculpture students at UCA Farnham and UAL Camberwell College. The winners take a cash prize of £500 and both winners and runners up receive free SSS membership and free entry into the exhibition of their choice.

Hebe McKenzie won first prize at Farnham. Her bronze and plaster work “The Beauty of Death” invited the viewer to consider the beauty of nature, especially the unseen and underappreciated elements. Christina Richards, who used the versatility of plastic to create her conical exploration of the internal vs external, was a worthy runner up.

At UAL it was Luke Chin-Joseph’s re-use of industrial materials which impressed the judges, altering the purpose of reclaimed materials to create new, gallery-focused works inspired by the urban and architectural roots whence the original objects came. Kate Butler’s plaster and iron work exploring female subjectivity took the runner’s up place.

Congratulations to all four sculptors and we look forward to showcasing their work at future SSS exhibitions.


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