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Member Training Programme

Dear Member,

Member Training Programme

This short briefing – two hours for non-exhibitors and three for exhibitors – has become necessary for several reasons:

Despite urgent appeals to the membership for volunteers, the burden for running the Society has increasingly fallen on the same few people and this has now become unsustainable. Without volunteers, the Society cannot function. Part of the training will explain the many ways in which you can fulfil your obligation as a member.

The Society has been evolving over the years and many of the practices have changed. Whilst we have kept you all informed, it is evident that many members do not read these communications. This short training event is a one-time opportunity to bring all members up to date.

Exhibiting members, in particular, will be following a new, simplified exhibiting regime, including online forms and new stewarding and sales technology. It is imperative that they should practice and become confident with the new system so as to maintain an appropriate level of professionalism.

Members of the Committee and other experienced members are giving up many hours of their time to provide these briefings. We do not consider it too much to ask any member to invest two or three hours of their time to attend. It is also an opportunity to meet some of your fellow artists and benefit from this contact. We would not be asking if there was any other effective way in which we could achieve these objectives.

With best wishes

The Committee


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