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If sculptures could talk...

New Audio Trail for our Ramster Gardens Exhibition open 23rd April - 20th May 2021.

Every sculpture speaks for itself. But what if you could also hear what the artist has to say? Hear in their own words what inspired them, how they made the sculpture, and what moves them to create?

Eighteen of the artists in the Ramster Garden Sculpture Trail have collaborated with Marty Lowell of Listening Gardens to bring you a deeper view into each piece of work. The audio program was created from interviews with each artist and captures their passion and vision. Each segment is just a few minutes long.

You can listen to the audio tour whilst visiting the exhibition or sitting in the comfort of your own home by using the App or logging on to the Listening Gardens website. The Listening Gardens App is available to download free via the iPhone App Store if you are an Apple User. Alternatively, both Android and Apple users can just scan the QR code and go straight to the start of the trail or access the content via the following link on the Listening Gardens Website

Marty Lowell started Listening Gardens in 2019 to deliver audio tours of gardens and art exhibitions. He is a sculptor, horticulturist and art event organizer based in Arundel, West Sussex.


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