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Ground Control to Major Tom…

Lisa Pettibone's 'Verdant'
Lisa Pettibone's 'Verdant'

Or rather to Lisa Pettibone who, rather amazingly, will have an artwork going to the International Space Station in February 2022!

Organised by the Moon Gallery Foundation based in the Netherlands, the ISS Test Flight will pioneer the first gallery in space (in a 1cm x 10 cube grid) with 64 artists work, paving the way for an exhibition on the moon in 2025 (TBC). The glass and thread sculpture, titled Verdant, is tiny but carries a critical concept. It's based on the central structure of the chlorophyll molecule (M1 N4), essential to plants, and in turn, human life. Its weightless movements and interaction with the unfiltered light of space will be fascinating.

She is rightly thrilled to support this effort to make room for the arts in space exploration.

Congratulations, Lisa!


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