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Station View, Guildford

Christine Charlesworth at Station View in Guildford

I was chosen to do this commission in 2015, before the building work had begun on the site at Station View in Guildford. The first phase of the building work is now complete, garden is landscaped beside the inner section of the fence and we are scheduled to fit the 36 double-sided stainless steel figures all along 35 metres of the railings bordering the development.

Some of the figures are individual, others are in pairs or threes; they vary in size and they depict people of Guildford: going off to the station, coming home, greeting, sport, town crier, dance/drama/song figure, graduation students, relaxing in the park, mothers and children, disability, shoppers, family, couples, narrow boat on the river and laying the first rails to Guildford Station.

All the silhouettes are now cut and being taken in stages to be sandblasted and then on to be sprayed with special anti-graffiti coating.

We will be fixing them all on site (weather permitting) on Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th October. It may take only one day to fit but we have allowed two days for finishing if needed.

I have attached photo of the mild steel sample that we made to try out on the fence – the finished silhouettes will look much cleaner and are made from 3mm stainless steel. Taylor Wimpey, sadly, won’t be having an unveiling but I am happy for anyone to come along to see them.

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