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A message from our New Chair

Dear membership,

A new Chair warrants a few words. What I want to say is hopefully inspirational for the society as a whole and for all members individually.

When I joined the Society in 2002 I was a very ‘green’ member, with little experience as a sculptress and no experience as a curator. What I have learned, being an active member of the SSS, has been invaluable and I am very grateful for my learned experiences. Besides, I have also gained friends. I have accepted to be a committee member, because it is time to return the favour.

My vision for the Society is quite simple. Succeeding as a professional organisation one needs at least the following ingredients: Honesty and integrity – I am here to move the group forward, there is no other gain for me personally. I hope to receive exactly the same from the membership. Connection and relationship – This is what makes individuals stronger. A good group, well organised, aiming for the best for all is more than the individuals added up together. Standing out from the crowd - The quality of the work and the quality of the PR around it needs to be of a high standard for a group to survive economically. We must be proud and be present as a professional or emerging sculptor.

What you can do as an individual to support this happening is also simple: * Participate in exhibitions as much as you can. * Read the e-bulletin, be aware of what is going on and get ideas how you can contribute * Volunteer for some small organisational parts in the exhibitions you participate in. * Make your website a priority and/or make your SSS website page a priority, links between the two are easily done. * Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, add news, share. * Consider being a member of the committee, or a supporting role that makes all the difference but doesn’t take much time. * Air your thoughts, get in touch with us, ask questions, make suggestions. * Be part of our social diary. * Attend our lecture series, which will give you an amazing insight into the works of very talented and well known sculptor artists. Working together is an essential aspect of the survival of the SSS. Without volunteers there is no SSS.

Overall I think trust is an important word within any group. Trust must be offered before it can be gained. The committee offers you trust in that all our meetings are open to all members at all times (they are held in Guildford, just ask). Extracts from the meetings are posted on the website. We are here for you to answer questions and to offer you support. We are always looking for the best possible venues and new venues to exhibit your work.

In return, we would like to trust our membership to offer us quality in their work, both in 3D and in pictures, and their voluntary hours without hesitation. And honest feedback at all times.

I would like to thank my fellow committee members for their willingness to give the SSS another year of their valuable time. I look much forward to working together.

I have great faith that we can, with the backing of the membership, stabilise, if not increase the membership, the sales, the group cohesion and the reputation of the SSS.

With warm greetings,

Henriette van der Does Chair contact: 01483-351891

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