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RHS Hyde Hall 2018

The increasing popularity of these gardens was reflected in the increased sales and interest in the sculpture trail in 2017. With the team creating new and stunning areas through which our sculptures flow, there is always something new to see, with different atmospheres in a variety of open and intimate areas.


Friday, 22 June 2018



Saturday, 21 July 2018


10am – 6pm daily

RHS Hyde Hall 2018

There has been more building work during 2017 and we will be altering the trail to take advantage of this. The new vegetable garden is proving very popular and RHS would like to see some site specific pieces in
this area. I hope you have all been working on your large veggies.

When stewarding, we will be based in the lovely old timber-framed barn at the top of the hill. There will be a small area for teas and coffees which will help to draw in the visitors and we would therefore like to place some eye-catching pieces inside the Barn itself.

Some of you may be concerned about the problems of a bad signal on site. We have been assured that at the top of the hill, our credit card machine will have good reception.

The HH Staff are incredibly excited about our return and it is very catching. This is still such a young site that the feeling is one of a growing family and a sense of privilege that we are all sharing in that glory.

During our time at Hyde Hall, there will be additional late night events which will open the trail to even more visitors (no steward cover required), 4 Thursdays late-night openings Two evenings of Theatre and a Jazz Evening. Doors for these events open around 6.30 and the shows begin at around 7-7.30pm.

The footfall at Hyde Hall is huge, reaching over 26,00 at weekends and events days and because of this, it is necessary to provide stewards on Fridays as well as at the weekends. Please don’t let this put you off.
Stewarding here is truly a joyous experience, with happy visitors and extremely helpful staff, not to mention a warm and dry area in which to steward.

Hyde Hall are keen to help all their visitors engage with the sculptures by continuing with the detailed signage produced for us by Wisley, so now is the time to give some thought to your wording.

We need just a few lines to illustrate the inspiration and/or your ideas behind your piece. Remember, what we do might seem mundane to us, whilst to others, it is a strange alchemy, so make it interesting, this is your chance to speak to the viewer in your absence.

I very much look forward to receiving your applications by 20th April
Angie Doy - Exhibition Manager

Exhibition Volunteers

Exhibition Manager

Angie Doy

Key Dates

Application Deadline 20 April
Confirmation of Acceptance 19 May
Set Up 22 June
Exhibition 23 June - 22 July
Take Down 22 July


TO APPLY go to the Exhibitions page during the Application window.



RHS Garden Hyde Hall, Creephedge Ln, Chelmsford CM3 8ET, UK

0845 265 8071


To apply to enter this exhibition, please click the appropriate buttons.  Forms will open in a new window. 

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