‘Life of a Sculptor’ A lecture by Johannes von Stumm PPRBS


“It’s the spiritual energy of a piece of art which counts, and nothing else.” Johannes von Stumm
Johannes was born in Munich where he trained as an artist at the Academy of Fine Arts. He has worked as an artist and taught sculpture in New York as well as Europe, China and Japan. His work is unusual in its combination of joining three different materials – metal, stone and glass - to create abstract or reduced figurative sculptures. Since 1995 he is based at South Fawley in West Berkshire. He mirrors the strength and fragility of humanity in the materials he uses, which speak to the human soul. His sculptures have a legibility across cultures and time.

Johannes has exhibited all over the world including India, China, Japan, Canada and Australia.

He served as the President of the Royal Society of Sculptors from 2009 - 2012 and is the acting President of the Oxford Art Society and the Open Studio Scheme West Berkshire and North Hampshire. He is also a founding member of Sculpture Network (Europe).

Austin Pearce Lecture Theatre 2, University of Surrey, Stag Hill Campus, GU2 7XH


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