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Frequently Asked Questions

Please browse common questions below.  If you cannot find the information you require, please Contact Us.

  • How do I obtain exhibition application forms?
    Only exhibiting members of the Society can exhibit at Society organised exhibitions. If you want to exhibit with us you need to Become a Member.
  • How do I access the members’ area of the website
    Only members of the Society can access the Members’ area of the website. If you wish to join, please Become a Member. If you are a member, please go to the Members Area. Please be aware that the old password will not work for this revised website. If you are accessing the Members area for the first time, please click Log In then click Sign Up and follow the instructions to create your login account. There will be a short delay while your details are validated with the membership database before access is granted, so please sign up using the email address recorded with the Society.
  • Is there a 'vetting' process that I have to go through in order to become a Member?
    We don’t ‘vet’ to allow artists to join. There are two categories of membership – ‘Exhibiting’ or ‘Non-exhibiting’. When you apply for membership, you can choose your category and change this status at any time through the members’ area of the website.
  • Are your exhibitions limited to professional sculptors only?
    No. Our exhibitions are open to all members – emerging or professional.
  • I have an artist friend in France. Can they become a member?
    We do require members to live in this country to honour stewarding duties and to be able to fully participate in the running of the Society. An alternative is to become a non-exhibiting member or a Friend of the Society.
  • I would like to be actively involved in exhibitions and lectures etc.
    At the moment we have around three public lectures per year held at various venues. Dates are published in the Calendar. We also run an education programme for members. If you would like to help the Society in any way, we welcome volunteers to support our activities. Please email
  • How often do you have exhibitions?
    There is a varying number of SSS exhibitions per year and through our special relationship there is also access to AppArt at Godalming. Check the Calendar on this website for more information on the current programme.
  • Is each exhibition limited by numbers, or area?"
    There may be some limitation on numbers of sculptures which can be shown, and this is usually determined by the size of the venue.
  • Can you only exhibit if you've been a member for one or more years?
    You can submit to all SSS exhibitions immediately upon becoming an Exhibiting Member.
  • Is there a sub/fee for entering work in each exhibition?
    There is a fee for each piece accepted for exhibition. We do not ask for an ‘up front’ fee to enter pieces for selection to an exhibition.
  • I've asked to be a member. Why have I not had a reply?
    We endeavour to reply to all enquiries as expediently as possible. The first email reply from the Society is prone to being intercepted as Spam/Junk, so please check your Spam/Junk folders before contacting us.
  • I've seen a sculpture at an exhibition and I'd like to buy it.
    Please contact our Sales Co-Ordinator, details on the Sales Enquiry page.
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