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Sculpture Showcase 2021

We are delighted to welcome you to our first exhibition of the year - our Sculpture Showcase 2021.


26 February 2021



26 April 2021



An audio Guide is available for this event.  

Sculpture Showcase 2021

With live indoor venues unavailable to us as an option this year, we have adapted, improvised and moved online….. and now present to you two virtual galleries, showcasing the work of our exhibiting members. The galleries are themed, with the first focusing on the human form and abstract art; the second on animals and nature.

Inside the galleries you will find not only a fantastic display of 2D and 3D art but also some video demonstrations by our members. These show a range of sculptural techniques and bring something of our craft to life.

​Whilst exhibiting 3D work in a 2D medium has its challenges, we hope you will join us in embracing this venture in the spirit it is intended and welcome it as a taster for the year ahead and the fantastic programme of live exhibitions which we hope to stage over the summer and autumn.


This online exhibition is now closed

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