Roger Day

Immortalising The Timeless Beauty of Wood.

Inspired by the beautiful landscape of trees in the English county of Surrey, Roger Day has been working as an artist for over 25 years. His early work involved emulating beautiful patterns found in nature, materialising in ceramic studies of stone, wood and bark, producing intricate pieces of abstract landscape sculpture.

Later working as a forester with many highly skilled craftsmen, Roger acquired the skills required to create the diverse range of wood sculptures he produces today. This work aims to immortalise the inherent beauty of the trees, and to highlight our connection and interdependence with them.

Roger has proven delivery of site specific work in the public domain, from concept to installation of the final form. Including partner liaison, scale model marquettes, graphics, digital publication and spoken presentation. This combined with associated paper trails for methodology, and health and safety legislation.

Roger Day





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Roger Day


Roger Day

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