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Carl Gamester

Carl configures his metal sculptures before welding into shapes and forms that he deems harmonious. He juxtaposes the metal elements until he has created shapes that work in space and that he considers have “vibrancy”.

Juxtaposed materials in his metal sculptures create tension, the rationale being that the contrast of the different elements placed side by side create fusion were they meet; at the same time maintaining their unique identity. The contrast of the elements create a dynamism as they “work” against each other where they touch. Segments are interlaced and juxtaposed to produce a harmonious impression i.e. parts within reflecting others in their shape and alignment etc.

He tries to follow the concept of attempting to create sculptures that have vitality; from within that work in harmony with negative space. He has endeavoured to create work that has verve and dynamism, that can exist in space with their own uniqueness; that stand out and have an impact on their surroundings.

Carl gets his inspiration from diverse areas: including architecture and machinery, as well as the human form. He attempts to capture the quintessence or vitality/energy of what he perceives through the creation of sculptures. He has a BA (Hons) Fine Art Degree from a London University.

Carl Gamester
Carl Gamester





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Carl Gamester
Carl Gamester
Carl Gamester
Carl Gamester
Carl Gamester


Carl Gamester

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