Alan Wasdell

I switched from painting to sculpture about 20 years ago when I realised I was being too heavily influenced by the work of some of my artist “heroes”.

Since then my work has developed along several paths, in several styles, both figurative and abstract. Greek myths have provided the inspiration for some works, as have various paintings, the effects of light and weather, and even the materials I use. These are various types of wood, sometimes painted, Perspex and mirrors. Some works have been fully in the round, but several have been designed to hang on walls like pictures. Always fascinated by optical phenomena, I have concentrated in recent years on using mirrors to open up the inner space of sculptures, so that, like Dr Who’s “Tardis”, the look bigger from the inside than outside. Unfortunately, this poses major problems when trying to photograph them effectively!

Alan Wasdell




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Alan Wasdell

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