Victoria Hunt

I  live in Middlesex and have worked as an artist for 15 years but, a few years ago I finally fulfilled an ambition to learn to weld and, as a result have devoted my time to working on metal garden sculptures made from mild steel and stainless steel.


I mostly work with insect forms, fish and flowers. I like the colour contrast resulting from using stainless and mild steel, with the mild steel gradually turning a rich brown, and the stainless remaining bright silver to give a two tone effect which I think is more sympathetic to the natural environment.


I use a distinctive mix of rod and construction fixings, so my style varies from industrial, robotic qualities, to the lyrical, elegant forms of the flower stems. The use of cutlery is a fun addition as well as introducing another texture and reflective finish. I also like to introduce pattern and movement when possible, and am constantly innovating to come up with new ideas and techniques!

Tel: 07531 093026

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