Victoria Atkinson

Focusing on posture, Victoria’s androgynous figures are captured at the edge of movement with a gentle reminiscent humour present in their body language.  

Using wet clay, she gains a fluidity that condenses a pose to its bare essentials.  Through this connection with the land she conjures up a sense of coming from the earth and being part of the natural life cycle. Monoliths and stone circles are evident, a sense of perpetual time and the feeling that something so still can evoke so much power. Although the poses of her sculptures are often static, their stillness has a presence.


Victoria took her sculpture degree at City and Guilds of London Art School in the late 1980s where the emphasis was on a classical training in life drawing and sculpture.  Everyday observations of human nature and an interest in mythology are the starting blocks for her work and her sculptures often represent opposites – good and bad, light and dark, angels and minotaurs! The figures and faces are composed, timeless, part of a group and yet distant, as if they are hiding behind a persona like an actor on stage.

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