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Savill Garden 2021

We are delighted to be returning to the beautiful Savill Garden following a record-breaking number of sales here in 2020.


Tuesday, 21 September 2021



Monday, 1 November 2021


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Savill Garden 2021

Those of you who visited or exhibited last year will agree this is a very tranquil and special place. Created in the 1930s by Sir Eric Savill, The Savill Garden is a wonderful arrangement of gardens and woods which lends itself to being the perfect backdrop for our work. Sculptures will be placed intricately amongst the various interconnected gardens, allowing the viewers to imagine how the sculpture would look in their own gardens.

Are you up to the challenge of producing a creative toddler-proof sculpture and fixings? Bear in mind when choosing what to submit that Savill visitors may be children who touch, climb, hit and poke our prized pieces of art work, even though we try and protect more delicate things.

Please submit very good quality photos of your sculptures, avoiding buildings or clutter in the background. When you save your photos before uploading them, please name your photos “Surname_First name_ Title.” It is really important that everyone names their photos correctly BEFORE UPLOADING to their application form. For guidance on taking good photos, and for renaming files on an iPhone or iPad, please see the information section of the Members Home page on the website.

All submitted work must be suitable for outdoors. The Savill Garden staff will select 1 or 2 pieces to place inside the Savill Building which houses the open plan coffee shop, restaurant and gift shop. Every visitor has to pass through this building, either before entering the garden or just stopping by for a cup of coffee and a meal. The pieces may perhaps reflect a seasonal angle as the exhibition crosses seasons from autumn through to Winter and the run up to Christmas. We can only select using the photos you send us - so please, the best quality. This is doubly important as the selected pieces may feature on signage leading to the exhibition.

If you are thinking of submitting larger pieces, we recognise these may be harder to sell, so we will endeavour to select an additional smaller piece from you.

We need a few lines to illustrate the inspiration and/or your ideas behind your piece. Remember that what we do may seem mundane to us, whilst to others, it is a strange alchemy, so make it interesting, this is your chance to speak to the viewer in your absence.

There will be no stewarding required. All sales and enquiries will be handled through The Savill Garden staff. However, we require a rota of exhibitors to check our work is safe and sound and to do the usual cleaning up of mess left by birds (two hours max).

We are very much looking forward to receiving your applications by Sunday 30th of May and I hope we all get to see each other again at Savill. Take great care.

Many thanks and kind regards,
Andy Bendix - Exhibition Manager

Exhibition Volunteers

Exhibition Manager

Andy Bendix

07776 231238

Key Dates

30 MAY - Application deadline
28 JUN - Selection confirmation
20 SEP - Set up
21 SEP - Show opens
02 NOV - Show closes
03 NOV - Take down


TO APPLY go to the Exhibitions page during the Application window.



Wick Ln, Englefield Green, Egham TW20 0UJ, UK


To apply to enter this exhibition, please click the appropriate buttons.  Forms will open in a new window. 

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