Lynn Warren

Much of my work is inspired by natural forms, whether human, plant or mineral.  Most recently, the curves of shell fragments have drawn me to search out their energy and flow, developing them into new forms which often take on a life of their own.  Some of this work has assumed varying degrees of human gesture and emotion, while other forms have grown more organically. 

I also continue to be drawn back to the ‘Thought Series’ of sculptures, enjoying the challenge of injecting life, presence and a quiet strength into what is essentially a simple, mathematical form.  At other times, I can look directly to the human figure or more organic inspiration, but always remain fascinated by the search for abstraction rather than representation.

My sculptures are largely about mood and movement, sometimes the gentle flow of line and planes suggesting quiet contemplation, or the contrasting boisterous ‘joie de vivre’ of dancing forms.  The strong, dramatic shapes can be resonant of earlier 20th century traditions but with a lighter, more modern twist and uplifting energy.  

I work with a variety of clays, then either cast the final sculptures in my studio, using metal resin and acid finishes or have them cast in foundry bronze.   I exhibit regularly, particularly in the South East and am based near East Grinstead, West Sussex

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