Hollow Wax Sculpture Demonstration


Demonstration by Morwenna Lake

The lost wax process is usually associated with bronze or aluminium casting carried out at a foundry. It is a means of creating repeat sculptures from a single mould. Some SS Society members will already have moulds that they use to cast their resin sculptures.

This demonstration will give you an idea of how to use your existing moulds and take your sculpture experience to the next level.

What you will learn:
Morwenna will demonstrate how you can obtain a wax cast from an existing multiple-piece mould. Find out how to make the cast ready to take to the foundry.

Topics covered will include:
- getting the wax into the mould,
- depth of wax,
- re-assembling the cast,
- what happens at the foundry,
- what the foundry will expect of you.

Time permitting; there may be an opportunity for a bit of hands on experience.

What you will need:
As hot wax can be very hazardous, you will need to bring:
- leather gardening/work gloves,
- an apron in case the wax splashes,
- safety glasses or goggles.

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