Gavin Roweth

I have a studio in Burwash, East Sussex.
I have been sculpting full time for 12 years.
Initially I began carving figuratively and creating relief pieces, this has progressed to more and more abstract work as I began to look more closely at texture and form. 

I mainly use Portland Limestone due to its superb light reflective properties, shadows are cast across a piece that move with the Sun’s light, textural variations encourage the piece to be handled as the limestone can be finished to an amazing smoothness, I may also leave part of the stone un-carved to introduce the discussion of the age of the stone itself.
I use power tools as little as possible as I wish the process of carving and finishing the stone by hand to be reflected in its surface and form. 

The end desire is to create a sculpture that looks simple and elegant, that sits in harmony with its environment. 

Tel: 07747 602001

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