Guy Lewis

Posted by on May 16, 2013 in Abstract, Animal, Artists, Figurative, Wood

Following 15 years as a designer/craftsman making high-quality contemporary furniture, Guy Lewis turned his attention to sculpture, initially as a way of exploring new techniques and ideas. It quickly became his main focus. Guy’s work reflects his background in making fine furniture. His objects offer the viewer an opportunity to appreciate the materials he uses and the way he uses them. The end result is balanced, harmonious and as perfect as this gifted maker can make it. (Margaret Burt, Balman Gallery, Corbridge, Northumberland, UK. 2012) Guy lives in Shaftesbury, Dorset Tel: 01747 851130...

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Juliet Simpson

Posted by on Aug 19, 2012 in Animal, Artists, Bronze, Figurative, Glass, Resin

I work in bronze and mixed media. The bronzes are mostly in editions of 10. I make my own moulds and waxes and finish and patinate each piece myself. The mixed media pieces are all unique and many are large and designed for outside. Juliet lives in Sevenoaks, Kent Tel: 01732 761905 e-mail: Juliet Simpson Website:...

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Seamus Cuddihy

Posted by on Aug 19, 2012 in Animal, Artists, Bronze, Figurative, Metal, Resin, Wood

I qualified as an Art Teacher (specialising in sculpture) in Southern Ireland in 1979. After moving to the UK, I set up (and ran for 20 years) an Arts Centre for adults with physical disabilities for a national charity in Leatherhead. Work Modelled clay has historically been my preferred medium as it allows me to experiment more freely with form and texture. However, I also enjoy the challenge of working with resistive materials. Over recent years I have developed a passion for unearthing the inherent gems in wood discovered through the carving process. I enjoy the challenge of finding the...

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Chev Mehmet

Posted by on Jul 20, 2013 in Animal, Artists, Figurative, Glass, Sculpture medium, Sculpture style

I am a sculptor that has a passion for exploring surfaces with patterns, colour and texture using techniques associated with modern mosaicing. I am a professional member of the British Association for Modern Mosaic (B.A.M.M) I have recently started to exhibit works in gallery spaces and gardens. These include a selection of animals and a growing body of ‘Dreamworks’ which are a personal interpretation of the world of sleep expressed through three dimensional forms. These pieces explore my fascination with sleeping people, faces relaxed, bodies ‘locked’ into sleep, minds lost in dreams. Their...

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Terri Smart Ceramics

Posted by on Oct 11, 2012 in Abstract, Animal, Artists, Ceramic, Figurative

  I took up ceramics in 1990 when I was working as an architect in Hong Kong. The feel of the clay and my delight in making a structured piece out of a formless lump became more and more important in my life as I became familiar with the medium. I am influenced by natural elements such as wind and water and I like to emphasise the contrasts between nature and man, for example in my boat pieces where the size of the boat indicates just how puny we are compared to the vastness of the sea. I work from my studio at home in East Clandon, with views over the garden and surrounding fields...

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Teresa Martin

Posted by on Aug 16, 2012 in Abstract, Animal, Artists, Bronze, Figurative, Metal, Resin

Teresa Martin develops original abstract forms, combining her casting experience with a desire to extend this process, exploring positive and negative textures and new uses of materials. Their uniqueness comes partly from the complex process forming them. She doesn’t believe in making life easy for herself, relishes a challenge and desires to take her work further into the unknown. When in an alternative mood, she also creates works inspired by animal textures and forms as seen in their environment. Going beyond the realism of the animal’s presence she expresses more aspects of their...

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Chaz Wyman

Posted by on Apr 8, 2016 in Abstract, Animal, Artists, Figurative, Glass, Resin, Sculpture style

  Chaz discovered a skill and interest in sculpture some years ago after recovering from cancer. Although mostly self-taught, Chaz has studied with Teresa Martin, Andrew Brown and Hazel Reeves. His interests in Archaeology, Politics, Classical and Intellectual History and Philosophy are often reflected in his subject matter. Chaz regards true expression as a fully engaged ‘dirt-under the nails’ process, and his motto his “Art without Craft is like Sex without Love”. He dislikes lazy establishment art, and yearns to find the elusive form in all he does. He is...

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Simon Conolly

Posted by on Nov 13, 2016 in Animal, Artists, Ceramic, Figurative

  Simon Conolly creates original sculpture from his studio in  Shropshire overlooking Wenlock Edge. His work is inspired by personal observation of the British countryside and by life in a rural community. His work focuses on the dynamics of creatures in numbers. He seeks to capture the movement and energy within groups and between the individuals making up those groups. He creates unique compositions of flocks of birds, shoals of fish, and gatherings of people. Simon has had work exhibited regularly at The Mall Galleries, London and at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists in the...

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