Paul Riley

After 40 years in the engineering industry, I have recently rekindled my passion for wood sculpture. I have been using found or donated wood, carved “green” and dried after shaping to relieve the internal stresses and prevent major cracks. The thrill of seeing the emergence of the beauty of the grain when the first coat of oil is applied is unsurpassed. I now mainly use a variety of power tools and hand finishing.

The shape of my sculptures is partially constrained by the wood itself and the hard won experience of where it is likely to crack when drying. The resulting shapes are freeform abstract with some anthropomorphic features and a concern to present a different and pleasing view from all angles. Flowing lines and an abundance of holes – sorry- negative spaces- are features of all my pieces and add lightness and an air of mystery as the eye is drawn through the work. The naming of the sculptures I find problematical and should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Paul Riley




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Woking, Surrey

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Paul Riley

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