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Deborah Timperley

Deborah has been creating with glass for 25 years, specialising in glass casting. She has shown in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Lithuania and in the UK in prestigious exhibitions including the British Glass Biennale.

Deborah’s series ‘A dialogue at the threshold’ draw the viewer into an inner space by the allure of 23.5ct gold, or by making the viewer implicitly aware of what lies beneath the surface. The form is usually based on a box with the surface texture creating nuances.

Her inspiration is Islamic architecture, she is intrigued by the austere exterior hiding highly decorative interiors – introverted forms. The interplay between the interior and the exterior articulates a dialogue at the threshold.

Rocky outcrops explore the beauty of stone bridges, harbour walls, dry stone walling and rocky outcrops. Compositions are evocative of the landscape and suggest rocks and stones placed harmoniously together, contrasting defined edges with the softness of adjacent vegetation. The blocks of colour echo the surrounding landscape water and sky. They have a sense of pace and atmosphere.

Deborah’s cast glass sculptures are unique, each in the kiln for several days. They are lost wax cast or open cast using a variety of plaster mould making techniques.

Deborah Timperley
Deborah Timperley




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Deborah Timperley
Deborah Timperley
Deborah Timperley
Deborah Timperley
Deborah Timperley


Deborah Timperley

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