Dawn Buckley

Dawn loves to create. Stepping into the 3D world of sculpture has been a delight, opening up new dimensions from her existing creative explorations as a painter. Through all creative expression, Dawn learns and expands her awareness in aspects of what it means to be human in today’s world. She is delighted when others gain a small moment of ‘dawning’ when they view her work.

In terms of subject matter, Dawn draws on a broad range of inspirations from every day life particularly the North Downs near her home. She incorporates aspects from her experiences in elite sports and the worlds of business, psychology, Eastern and Western philosophy, spirituality, music, dance, yoga, meditation, comedy, language and, of course, the arts - any aspect of life that feels relevant and captures her attention. She follows her embodied intuitive sense as she creates enjoying exploring moment by moment and seeing where the creative journey goes.

The human form is often the outward expression as it's from her own embodied sense that her works develop. Each piece is an exciting exploration and adventure and an expression of Dawn’s love of life in all it’s rich and diverse components.

Dawn Buckley





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Dawn Buckley
Dawn Buckley
Dawn Buckley


Dawn Buckley

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