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Bernard Miles Pearson

Bernard Miles Pearson is a sculptor and a painter. He models in clay and then casts in bronze, bronze resin, slate and marble resin.

Bernard had a formal art education from the age of 13 at Oldham school of art, where he learnt all forms of applied art. He later specialised in graphic design at the Manchester regional college of art, after which he worked as a graphic designer and illustrator. Later he attended the Surrey Institute of Art and Design where he graduated with a BA [Hons] in Fine Art.

In the past twenty years he has specialised in both sculpture and painting, He lives and works in the Meon Valley, Hampshire.

His work has been shown in a number of exhibitions and is included in private collections in the UK, USA, Italy, France and Australia.

His work is primarily figurative abstract often using the female form as the subject. Light and shadow play an important part of his sculpture and painting. Sharp edges and flat plains are a feature of his art, often taking the piece into non-realistic forms in order to achieve a visually pleasing aesthetic.

Bernard Miles Pearson
Bernard Miles Pearson




Meon Valley, Hampshire

07742 119803


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Bernard Miles Pearson
Bernard Miles Pearson
Bernard Miles Pearson
Bernard Miles Pearson
Bernard Miles Pearson


Bernard Miles Pearson

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