Include or update my Artists’ Page

The SSS website is a great place to show your work. If you would like us to create an Artists’ Web Page for you, then follow the steps below, complete and submit the Artist Web Page Input Form, (link below). ¬†If you have any queries please email Harry¬†Wickens at

Guide lines for your personal Web Page on the SSS Website

  1. The Artist Web Page will display up to 8 images in rows of 3 or 4 images.
  2. Please provide the images as jpegs under 1megbyte each. The images should be at least 700 pixels on their longest side so that they can be formatted to 700 pixels square with white frame on 2 sides. This will allow them to be seen properly in the thumbnails. (See The Exhibition 2012 Galleries, in the Members Area and the Exhibition page, to see how they are displayed on the website).
  3. The file name will appear under your image and should consist of your name and the sculpture name (eg Bob Smith – My Dog)
  4. Indicate which image you wish to be displayed on the ‘Artists’ front pages of thumbnails as your key image. An image that is approximately square is the best format for the key thumbnail image. Please note that the thumbnails on the ‘Artist’ front pages use a random selection from the artist pages so your preferred image will appear on different pages over time.
  5. When you return the Artist Web Page Input Form (link below) you will be asked to send:
    • approx 150-200 words of text about you and your work.
    • the area you live in e.g. town or village, telephone number, email and website addresses.

If you are used to using on-line software you may wish to resize your images to a more manageable size and save space on your email. If so then visit this free website and make the longest side of your pictures 700 pixels long.